How to configure buildfarm after setting up jenkins?

I have already asked this question in ros answers. To be on the right group, I’m creating the question here too. This is a continuation of the question that I asked here previously. Step 1 was to basically make jenkins run on master. I was able to achieve that. Now the next step I believe is to configure jobs for the packages that I have built. I understood that I have to edit the configuration files here in this repository but for some reasons the documentation is not so clear on what are the files that should be edited.

So here it goes. This is what I have done so far. I went into this repository and forked the ros_buildfarm_config repo to my account according to the instructions here.

  1. As I earlier mentioned, let us assume that I’m using kinetic distribution and in the Disable notification of maintainers/committers section, I was asked to set false to all committers which by default was already set to false in all the files. When I say all files, I changed or verified whether they are false in index.yaml, doc-build.yaml, doc-released-build.yaml, release-armhf-build.yaml, release-build.yaml, source-build.yaml inside kinetic folder.
  2. Next up was to update administrator notification. I changed the email on all files as said in the previous point.
    I want to know whether whatever I did in these two points are correct. If yes, I request you to update the documentation, its totally out of sync and not intuitive.
  3. I figured out that the jenkins_url takes the ip address of the master machine and the simply gets replaced by the repository ip address on all the yaml files mentioned earlier. Is that right ? Also I want to know whether the PGP key used here is the same as the ones used in the buildfarm_deployment_config ?
  4. After that I understood that inorder to run jobs on my custom ros package(s) in the buildfarm, I was given two options. One to perform full fork and the another one being add-on fork. As I understood that clearly, I decided to go with option 2 which is Add-on fork so that I don’t have to worry about other ROS packages from Interesting thing here is that I saw that we have to add a tag to custom distribution files. I understand that we have to add those but to what files is not so clear. Also mentioning custom distribution file is not very clear to me.
  5. Is there a better way (may be a structural way) to actually tell me, what I should be doing in Import ROS packages which are not built by the custom build farm ? Like could you be more specific on where should I place the import_distro.yaml file ? May be an example would be great. And also I have no idea how to invoke import_upstream job. Could you please be clear here ?

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