Humble support for ROS2 Babel Fish and QML ROS2 Plugin for great-looking intuitive Robot UIs

Hey awesome roboticists, scientists and everyone else stumbling across this post,

I just wanted to pop in and announce that the ROS2 versions of my message introspection library ROS2 Babel Fish and the ROS2 module for Qt’s QML markup language, which allows developers and scientists to quickly and easily prototype and develop 2D robot user interfaces, now also support Humble.

For more information on the projects check the previous post:
Create stunning UIs for ROS2 using the newly released QML ROS2 plugin

They have actually supported Humble for quite a while now but I was hoping the PR fixing the missing support for services and actions in the ROS2 rosidl infrastructure would’ve been merged by now.
The issue still persists, though, so unfortunately as of now both packages still only support the subscription and sending of at compile-time unknown messages.
Once the missing functionality is fixed, the functionality to call services and/or actions is already implemented and you can easily build interfaces that trigger complex actions with the press of a button. Hopefully, with the recent acquisition, they’ll soon have more resources to commit to improving ROS2 :slight_smile:

Since this post shouldn’t be just boooring text, here’s a short presentation video I made for the ECMR 2021 which was entirely created in rviz (1, yes, we’re still using that) with QML. The material was only cut, watermarked and music was added. No other editing was involved.
Everything using QML? Yes. Even the animations? Yes, everything!

You can find the projects on GitHub:

Feel free to shoot me a message if you build something cool with these tools :wink:

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!


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