Jazzy support for ROS2 Babel Fish and QML ROS2 Plugin for quickly developed and great-looking intuitive Robot UIs

Good friday everyone,

for those of you already testing the new Jazzy release, I have just release updates for ROS2 Babel Fish and QML ROS2 Plugin with support for ROS 2 Jazzy :tada:
Jazzy is also the first LTS version that includes my fixes in the core packages and ROS2 Babel Fish finally has full support for publishing, subscribing AND calling services or actions :partying_face:

Here’s an example of the interface, we’ve built on top of RViz using these libraries:
(We will also soon port the rviz overlay code for RViz 2)

Here’s links to the repositories (if you just want to build an interface, you don’t need to care about ROS2 Babel Fish)

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend :smiley: