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As part of the efforts to improve the test infrastructure of ROS I implemented a Python package hypothesis-ros. It provides “strategies” (data generators) for ROS messages/parameters and allows to implement strategies for custom messages. These “strategies” can be used to apply property based testing on the ROS node/nodelet level. The package has Python dependencies only and is deployed on pypi (hypothesis-ros v0.1.0). A ROS release is on the TODO list. Documentation: The best documentation are tests :wink:

Happy ROS node/nodelet fuzzy testing :star_struck: (Good luck! You’ll need it… probably.)

Side note: I will only add strategies which I need for work. However PRs to get other strategies added are welcome.

Reference to announcement of the package: ROS Quality Assurance Working Group meeting minutes April 2018 Meeting

A tribute to contributers:


Dear ROS1 community,

due to prioritization reasons I’ve dropped maintenance/support for this project. Please consider issue Call for maintainers.


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Thanks for the call @fkromer. Let me get the interest of some colleagues that I believe should be able to help with this.

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