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Intel Euclid iRobot Explorer

A simple solution for robotics is Intel Euclid with an iRobot (create2,roomba).

With the Euclid, all included sensors and an iRobot, it should be possible to prepare a simple and powerful robot explorer.

Euclid: 400 $

Create2: 200 $

Roomba: 300-800 $

Tailoo USB cable

Or you can try to get this one:

All you need included.

First picures are available:

to be continued…

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The thing missing from your list is the ability to power the Euclid from the base.

The Create2 base (or Roomba for that matter) do not provide 5V power out, much less at 3A needed by the Euclid.
You can run on the Euclid battery power, but then your runtime is fairly low.

One thing we are including in our build is a custom interface board, with microcontroller and regulated power supplies.


Hi Ilia,
yes, you are completely right,
I’ve noticed this issue while playing with my RoombaEuclid very early :frowning:
One more reason to buy the Clearpath solution.

Do you know, if Clearpath has rosnodes for all this nice builtin sensors available ?
GPS, compass, barometer,…

Thanks for your suggestion and feedback