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Navigating a KUKA YouBot with Intel Realsense R200



I am trying to navigate a KUKA YouBot using a Intel Realsense R200-camera mounted at the front of the robot, connected to a Odroid XU4 (due to only having USB2.0 ports on the YouBot and the intel camera requiring USB 3.0).

Navigation has to be quite precice, as i have a delivery system in place that places objects in the exact same place every time it gets a request, and i need the YouBot to be placed precicely (+/- 2-3 cm) under this delivery system so the object is placed on the same location on the back of the YouBot (so they can be picked up by the YouBot arm when doing the final delivery)

Do anyone have suggestions on packages i can use to best solve this task? And are there anyone with experience using this kind of sensor that could provide some information about its accuracy?
The only alternatives i have considered this far is simply to build a map with rtabmap or gmapping and use the ROS navigation stack to navigate. There are alot of tutorials for this, so it should not be a problem, but i have no information about the navigation accuracy. The youbot is running ros indigo, but i have kinetic installed on the odroid aswell as a newer computer that i plan to use for navigation.

I am new to linux based operating systems in general aswell as ROS. With a limited timeframe to solve this task i hope to depend on already-buildt navigation packages.

All comments, help, tips and tricks are greatly appreciated!
Thank you!


Hey @dshgrove,

there were some people already playing with them. Take a look here: