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Interested in contributing

I’m just getting started diving into ROS2. I’ve read most of the design docs, I have the environment set up, and I’ve gone through a few tutorials for ROS.
I’d love to have a good pointer for a bite-size project to get started contributing to ROS2.

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Hi Kevin - thanks for the post! It’s great to hear that you’re interested in contributing to ROS 2.

We are just in the process of identifying a few bite-sized tasks that would be good starting points. We’ll post some ideas here in the coming days.

I’m also fairly interested in seeing what I can contribute, even if it’s just some front-end tools, or small back-end drivers.

Is there any ToDo lists for the ROS2 projects? I would think that something using the GitHub Task List would already exist.

Having a page on the Wiki that branches out to several lists of needed contributions, even for just the core components, would probably get a lot of attention. Especially if the lists were given some form of difficulty/work/time estimate.

Thanks dhood! Looking forward to it.

@pryre Yes:

Hi Kevin, pryre,

We updated the Contributing page with pointers to issues that are available for contributions. These issues have a detailed description of what to do and pointers to relevant parts of the code base. They are pretty narrow-scope and self contained so that you can work on it without needing a broad understanding of the ROS 2 stack.

It’s a work in progress and you can expect several other issues that are good places to start for contributions to appear in the near future.
If any of them seem like something you’re interested in working on, please comment on the tickets:

  • to let people know that you are working on it
  • to ask questions if you’re stuck or something is unclear

Thanks for your interest in the ROS 2 project!

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