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Ros2-rust needs your help!

At the ros2-rust project we haven’t been able to keep up with recent developments in ROS 2, and it’s unlikely we can continue spending significant time maintaining ros2-rust so instead of letting the project die, here I am asking for your help.

Basic pubsub works, and ros2-rust recently got support for Dashing and later (thanks Natesh Narain!). However lots of other features are still missing, such as client/server, actions and QoS.


@esteve In case there are things to do for Rust newbies I could probably find some spare time. As far as I know there is no roadmap or trello board or something like that for ros2-rust. How do you coordinate development?


fyi not a fix but related Eclipse Cyclone DDS has Rust API WIP by @esteve @kydos, will be ready for use soon


I would dearly love to work on ros2-rust and absolutely intend to when I get more time… but I have no idea when that will be.

Talk to my bosses. Maybe they’ll allocate me time!