Looking for volunteers to review over at ros2_control!


Have you always wanted to get more familiar with ros2_control but were too afraid to ask?

You like reading C++ code?

Would you like to keep up to date with where some parts of ROS2 are going?

Does reviewing code early in the morning make you Zen for the rest of the day?

Would you like to be one of the cool kids?

If you replied YES to any of the above, this is your opportunity!

We’d like to start a reviewer-roulette over at ros2_control and would like to invite you to participate. We don’t have a ton of PRs, don’t worry. What we’re looking for is some diversity in our reviews to ensure that the framework is growing in the right direction and in the right way.

If you are interested, get in touch here, in DM or over at the issue we opened for this initiative.

If you’ve made is so far, thanks for reading and have a great day!


Hi bmagyar,

I am glad to participate.



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Hi Ted, what’s your GitHub - Handle

Hi Destoql,

I do not have githud handle.



HI, I am up code review , Here is my github

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Then you should open an GitHub account and @bmagyar and I will help you to get manual about reviews.


I am not sure what exactly is expected but I would like to contribute as well.
Github is DasRoteSkelett

Happy to help where I can.
My github handle is @safdark.

@destogl @bmagyar

i am not sure how much i can help, but i will try.

HI @bmagyar , I would like to review the code for ros2_control. I am not an expert but working in ROS for a couple of years. My github handle is rk800506


@bmagyar I would be happy to contribute. Github handle is malapatiravi

I’m glad to contribute. I use ROS1 and ROS2 for several years. Maybe I can try.
My github handle is a10263790

I am not sure about what a “github handle” is, but my username is @erickisos and it would be great to help with this!

Hey! I’m glad to participate, too.

homalozoa (Homalozoa X) · GitHub is my GitHub profile.

I am Chris , my github account is [chrismath](https://github.com/chrismath) , I would love to contribute.

I’d be willing to do a couple of PRs. I have extensive ROS1 and some ROS2 experience. @lauesa is my github handle.

Hi, I would like to contribute too, Here,@gokulmaxi is my GitHub handle

Hi, I used to contribute to the gazebo_ros2_control. Count me in:)


I’m glad to participate. We have implemented ODrive hardware interface for ros2_control.

I would love to have a deeper understanding of ros2_control.

Borong Yuan @borongyuan


I would be interested in participating (@lm2292). Just started a PhD in MBSE for V&V. Have a limited experience with ROS but it is getting better.



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