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Internships at ROSIN project partners (ABB, TU Delft, FH Aachen, Fraunhofer IPA, Tecnalia, ITU Copenhagen)

The H2020 project ROSIN supports EU’s strong role within ROS-Industrial. It will achieve this goal through three main actions on ROS: ensuring industrial-grade software quality; promoting new business-relevant applications through so-called Focused Technical Projects (FTPs); supporting educational activities for students and industry professionals on the one side conducting ROS-I trainings as well as and MOOCs and on the other hand by supporting education at third parties via Education Projects (EPs).

For this, project partners (ABB, TU Delft, FH Aachen, Fraunhofer IPA, Tecnalia, ITU Copenhagen) are continuously searching for interns and new staff members via this job page. Companies that offer ROS-Industrial related internships for students or jobs for developers and professionals are welcome to submit their job offers here as well: Submit Job.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or leave a post below.

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If you are wondering what such an internship could entail, here is a brief description of what an intern did at ABB this summer.

Topic: Mobile robotics, including navigation, localization and mapping, as well as system integration of an ABB YuMi robot and a Clearpath Ridgeback mobile platform.

Overview of work done:

  • Software integration:
    • move_base for interaction with the Ridgeback platform.
    • ros_pkg_gen for generating ROS nodes (ROS package developed by ROSIN partner Tecnalia).
    • abb_librws for interaction with the YuMi robot (ROS package developed by ROSIN partner ABB).
  • Hardware integration:
    • Connecting different subsystems via WiFi and Ethernet to make sure they can communicate.

Purpose: Investigate, and evaluate, the combination of ABB robot systems and open-source capabilities found in ROS-based systems.

And here is an image of the mobile platform: