Introducing Python packages for Tesseract robotics motion planner

The Tesseract Motion Planning Framework is an open-source planning framework developed by SwRI as part of the ROS Industrial project. Wason Technology has contributed Python wrappers for Tesseract and standalone Python packages that can be installed using pip on any recent Linux or Windows operating system.

The Python wrappers expose most of the Tesseract framework capabilities, including (but not limited to) scene loading and management (URDF, SRDF, meshes), collision checking (Bullet, FCL), kinematics (KDL, OPW, UR), planning (OMPL, Descartes, TrajOpt), planning pipelines (Taskflow), and visualization (tesseract_viewer_python).

The standalone Python packages are built using auditwheel and delvewheel. These tools collect all the native libraries used by the Python modules, and include them in the wheel package. This means that the installation is trivial, and provides an installation experience similar to the popular OpenCV Python package. The packages are provided for Python 3.7-3.10, and should work on Windows 10+ and Ubuntu 20.04+ amd64 (manylinux_2_31_x86_64+).

See the readme for more information and an example: GitHub - tesseract-robotics/tesseract_python: This contains python wrappers for both Tesseract and Tesseract Planning packages

Please note that Tesseract an the Python packages are still under development and the API should be considered unstable.


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