Tesseract Robotics Planner Python package version 0.2.0 released, now with documentation!

The Tesseract Robotics Planner Python package provides Python bindings for the ROS-Industrial Tesseract planning framework. Version 0.2.0 updates to newer versions of the upstream packages, and includes full documentation including instructions, examples, and an API reference. The Python packages are available as self contained packages on PyPI for Linux (amd64) and Windows (x64). These packages can be installed using pip, and do not require additional setup beyond the pip installation.

Homepage: GitHub - tesseract-robotics/tesseract_python: This contains python wrappers for both Tesseract and Tesseract Planning packages

Documentation: Welcome to the Tesseract Robotics Python Documentation โ€” Tesseract Robotics Python documentation

PyPi (pip) page: tesseract-robotics ยท PyPI

See the initial project announcement for more information: Introducing Python packages for Tesseract robotics motion planner


We received reports of problems with the tesseract_robotics_viewer Python package. Please try again if it did not work. The following command can be used to upgrade (use python3 instead of python on Linux):

python -m pip install --upgrade --user tesseract_robotics tesseract_robotics_viewer

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