Invité ROSConFr 2022

Wolf Vollprecht, Directeur de la technologie à Quantstack fondateur du projet RoboStack.

Titre de sa présentation: “RoboStack - true cross-platform package management for ROS”.

Résumé: The ROS ecosystem consists of hundreds of interdependent packages. RoboStack is a new distribution of the ROS 1 Noetic and ROS 2 Galactic packages that leverages the success of the conda-forge scientific packaging community and the mamba package manager. Contrary to the default ROS packages, RoboStack packages work across many Linux distributions as well as macOS and Windows. Additionally, the mamba package manager supports the creation of virtual environments that makes it easy to work with multiple different ROS versions side-by-side. Contrary to containers, the RoboStack packages run directly on the host system which makes working with GUI applications seamless. Because the package cache is shared between different environments, this is also more space efficient than running in containers.

The RoboStack distribution is built on top of packages maintained by the conda-forge community. conda-forge is a packaging community that focuses on scientific applications and data science. Therefore, many bleeding edge data science and machine learning tools can be found – readily packaged – on conda-forge and they all work seamlessly with the RoboStack packages.

The talk will show the automated package building infrastructure in use by the RoboStack project, the usage of the RoboStack packages and how robot developers can start building and publishing their own packages on top of the RoboStack ROS distribution.