Iron Irwini 3d Print!

Hello ROS community,

I’m a designer on the Open Robotics team at Intrinsic and I wanted to share with you all a 3d printable version of the mascot for our recent Iron Irwini release. Enjoy!


Hey @Cole, what were your print settings for that print? Did you print the gator in some other orientation? The mouth overhang looks tricky.

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Good question Kat! The mouth of the croc is indeed a bit tricky but my suggestion is to use traditional supports with a support overhead angle of 75 degrees. This will ensure there is no support materials in the center of the mouth area. It will just be at the edges of the mouth where the supports can simply be popped inward then pulled out. The upper teeth are supported with built in supports that can just be snipped or broken away. Everything else is the default 0.12 layer height Cura profile. Here’s an image of what my slice looked like in Cura.

For the turtle itself I simply used the default 0.12 layer height cura profile with tree supports at the default 59 degree support angle and a brim.

I’ll add these notes to the Thingiverse page for future reference as well.

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Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Here’s mine, fresh off the printer.


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