iXblue is lookig for a Robotics Software Engineer. Full Time Permanent Contract in Six Fours (south of France)

Who are we :
A team of software and robotics enthusiasts with a mission to bring autonomy to a large number of applications, from mapping the depths of the oceans with a drone to selecting the plants that will make the future of farming with autonomous tractors. Our team of engineers are commited to innovation and creation of tomorrow’s technologies in a dynamic, friendly and high-growth environment.

Our philosophy :
We believe in collective decision-making with little or no hierarchical intervention. We trust each other in their ability to meet objectifs while being ready to help in the area of expertise to let high quality solutions emerge. To achieve excellence in our projects, we provide a high performance PC, large format screens and headphones. We strongly value individual initiatives, autonomy and contributions of all kinds to the operation of the company. We share an open-minded culture, geared towards innovation and diversity. Dissident points of view are encouraged in order to bring out the best idea.

** At office : **
We meet on a regular basis for various activities such as sports, robotics competitions, video games, drinking a beer or even growing vegetables in the company garden! Our offices are located just 10 minutes drive from the beach in a sunny Mediterranean climate in Toulon Area, France. Bike commute is possible from the nearest train station.

**Job’s missions : **

You will design and implement software components for various marine robotics applications. You will contribute to the latest generation of autonomous boats from iXblue as well as the obstacle detection system: [Uncrewed Surface Vehicles - iXblue]( see the page of our poduct )

Required Skills

  • Software development on a Linux environnement in C++14
  • Integration and deployment of software on embedded systems
  • Fluent English
  • Authorization to work in France

Bonus skills

  • Robotics algorithms: perception (Deep Learning, Point cloud processing), Tracking (Kalman, MHT), localisation (SLAM), control and planning (variantes A*, PID, MPC…)
  • Network (TCP/UDP, NAT, Routage, VPN, Firewall)
  • Frameworks : ROS, ROS2, Qt
  • Other languages : Rust, Python
  • Hands-on experience using sensors: Camera, LIDAR, RADAR
  • Knownledge in French