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Launching “Simulation” Autoware WG

Autoware TSC is launching Technical Working Groups, and I am pleased to initiate the one related to: Simulation .

Purpose of this WG is to progress on the simulation test for the Autoware and define what features should Autoware simulator have.

The purpose is to help users to develop various kinds of algorithms easily and quality improvement.

We need now to:

  • Involve members to participate into this WG.
  • Move with a plan for simulator.
  • Work on roadmap for alignment os hardware and software and Autoware.AI and Autoware.Auto alignment.

Please Autoware members and users: join and contribute !

Based on feedback, we will arrange a call in August to start collect activities inputs and start planning.

LG Electronics is happy to join and help out in this working group as well.

@Masaya_KATAOKA’s suggestions on the goals for this WG sound good.

Maybe to add to them, I know there has been discussion on another thread about requirements and relative strengths of some of the available options - maybe one of the initial items for this WG could also be to help collect and organize feedback and define an understanding of the current simulation tool options and relative advantages of each.

It would also be useful to define very specific example use cases for how an Autoware user would use a simulator.

It would be great to hear through this WG from current Autoware users who actively use simulation with Autoware already.

I am also interested to join this group, currently we are discussing the simulators on the Autoware map data formats WG,
we have meeting tomorrows, @Masaya_KATAOKA I recommend you attend the meeting.


I am Misha from Metamoto, a Simulation-as-a-Service startup. I’m interested in joining the WG as well.

We’ve integrated Autoware into our simulator (minus vector map/path planning). See video here:

Thank you for interested in this working group.
I think your simulation platform is cool!

Anyone want to join this working group?
After 2~3 days later, I will post first candidate time and date for this working group online meeting.

@Misha_Savchenko Where do you live?
It is necessary for deciding time of the meeting.

I am in San Francisco, GMT -7. I will be unavailable from August 22nd through September 2nd. Looking forward to it!

My name is Alon. I’m a software simulation engineer at Foretellix,
an Israeli based Start-Up that tackles the issues regarding AV safety verification.

I’m very interested in Autoware in general and in this WG specifically
Hopefully i will be able to contribute ASAP to one of the WG.

Ill be more then happy to attend the WG (probably not as a contributor in the first stages)


@alonSheader Thank you for interested in this working group.
Where do you live?
This infomation is necessary for deciding candidate date and time.

I’m from Israel GMT+3

I would like join as well. San Francisco GMT -7.

I’ve been working with LGSVL’s simulator, Carla, and Gazebo here at Ridecell.

Hi, I’m also interested in joining this WG.
I’m with AutonomouStuff and live in the Eastern Time Zone.


I and @Hatem UTC +9
@bshin-lge UTC -8
@Ian_Colwell UTC -5
@Misha_Savchenko and @alonSheader UTC+3
@angel_avila UTC -7

Actually, I am UTC -7 and @Ian_Colwell is UTC -4

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I and @Hatem UTC +9
@bshin-lge UTC -8
@Ian_Colwell UTC -4
@alonSheader UTC+3
@angel_avila @Misha_Savchenko UTC -7

I propose 3 candidate dates.
Please vote from this doodle.




Hi! I’m also interested.
I live in San Francisco as well

@shan-as Thank you for interested in this working group.
Can you attend at 1st candidate date?

Considering the vote result, the simulation working group will be held on 1st candidate date.

JST 8/21 10:30 -> 8/21 12:00
UTC 8/21 1:30 -> 8/21 3:00