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Learn to Debug ROS Code series

Title: Learn to Debug ROS Code series
When: Monday- Friday, April 13-17th at 7pm CEST

Join us this whole week online to learn how to find errors in ROS code.

You may know a lot about ROS commands, how to write a publisher or how to launch the ROS Navigation stack, but when things go wrong, you have a hard time finding where the error is.
In these sessions, Alberto will show you how to find errors in ROS code. You will learn to debug ROS code by a series of 5 examples: each day of the session, you will get a ROS code that doesn’t work. Together with Alberto, you will take the necessary steps to find and solve the error to finally get a running ROS code.

Teacher: Alberto Ezquerro, Head of Education at The Construct

This course is brought to you for free by The Construct ( The whole code will be provided to all the attendants of the class.