linux_networking maintainer transition

linux_networking has not been maintained recently (~2015). I want to release for kinetic, but both linux_networking and linux_networking-release are only maintained by Devon Ash who is not longer supporting pr2 development. I ask to become the new maintainer so that I can merge a commit that makes things compile in kinetic and to release a kinetic package.

@davefeilseifer Thanks for offering to help out. That seems reasonable and I don’t think that @TheDash will object.

@k-okada could you help @davefeilseifer get access?

A few links for reference, the repos in question are:

Release repo:

Feel free =) Thanks @davefeilseifer

The code in that repo is probably 10 years old now. Pretty good code for still making the robot run.

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Sorry for super late,

@k-okada could you help @davefeilseifer get access?