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pr2_self_test maintainer transition

pr2_self_test has not been maintained recently (~2015). I want to release for kinetic, but both pr2_self_test and pr2_self_test-release are only maintained by Devon Ash who is not longer supporting pr2 development. I ask to become the new maintainer.

Hello, I just invited you as a collaborator of both pr2_self_test and pr2_self_test-release. Hope this helps.

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Hi @davefeilseifer, thanks for claiming maintainership for these packages.

Looking at the current state of the rosdistro index, it looks like there are 2 more repositories that have been forked and released from forks:

Would you be willing to rerelease these packages from the original repositories instead of the forks?

@k-okada Is it possible to grant write access to these repositories to Dave ? (not sure if their is a team to that effect or adding as individual contributor is preferred)

@tfoote FYI

hi, if @davefeilseiferis is interested in , I can grant write access. If not I can release these packages from original repos.

sure, if you grant me write access, I can release things myself