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Local user group category with sub-categories


I think it is a very interesting proposal. :thumbsup: Currently, each local ROS user group have their own community, and so that information is scattered. I think it is a good idea to collect ROS users from all over the world into one forum. Good! I also ask to make a Korean ROS user group as a sub-category.


@tfoote Here’s the text for the ROSJP category.

日本のROSユーザグループ(ROS Japan Users Group)のカテゴリです。ROSに関するどんな話題でも、日本語で話がしたい方はこちらをご利用ください。

ROS Japan Users Groupのウェブサイトは下記の通りです。


Thank you for your rapid response, @gbiggs and @tfoote
I’m one of organizer of ROS Japan Users Group and very happy to add regional subcategories.

@tfoote Please rename the subcategory to “ROS Japan Users Group”. It’s an official name. rosjp is short name (or hashtag).


@youtalk and @tfoote, I think that it makes sense! It would be nice to unify the names of the categories like “ROS Country Users Group”.


I’ve created the category:
Can you propose a blurb for the about? About the ROS Korea Users Group category

@gbiggs I’ve updated it with your suggested blurb.

@youtalk Thanks for the clarification. I’ve updated the name. I hope this can provide a useful forum for the group.

Please both of you help kick off some discussions to seed the categories. There’s little more intimidating than an empty category.

I’d rather not be prescriptive, but let people choose their own naming pattern. With ROS Japan Users Group and ROS Korea Users Group setting the standard I suspect that others who are interested will do the same. To my ear that template doesn’t parse immediately, because it’s not the ROS version of the Country User Group, but the Country version of the ROS User Group which is why I originally proposed the transpose.

There are also other levels of regionality that might make sense sometimes big cities have a community. Sometimes states or regions too. See the regional meetups on the wiki. Sometimes local flair, plays on words can add some levity.


Can you please also create “ROS Ukraine Users Group” as a sub-category


@Andriy Yeah, Have you been involved with the existing group already? And can you suggest in intro blurb for it?


+1. This can actually help the entire ROS community.

I usually websearch with a prefix like ( OR to reduce/remove false-positives. Works great for that purpose, but clearly this doesn’t grab info from outside of those domains. With language groups discussions joining the same domain, we can even find some debug discussions only happening in a certain language group (and maybe provide back answers if possible).


Hey @tfoote,

Yes, I am actively involved in community.
Here is the text for ROS Ukraine

Це сторінка для дискусій і оголошень групи ROS Ukraine Users Group.
Зокрема тут можуть публікуватися різні події пов’язані із ROS в Україні і світі.
Офіційна сторінка групи ROS Ukraine Users Group

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:



Hi @tfoote,

Here is the text for ‘ROS Korea Users Group’

대한민국 ROS 유저 그룹 (ROS Korea Users Group)의 ROS 공식 Discourse 카테고리입니다.
ROS의 관한 내용이라면 자유롭게 한글로 이야기를 나누실 수 있습니다.


@Pyo I’ve added the text to the about.

@Andriy The ROS Ukraine Users Group has been created at: Also I’d strongly suggest making your facebook group open to be able to gather new participants. Many people will listen in on forums for quite a while before contributing. If they can’t listen in they’ll often disengage.


@tfoote Thank you for advice. Fully agree with them and of course Facebook group is public and all posts are visible for everyone.

Could you please change title from “ROS Ukraine User Group” to “ROS Ukraine Users Group” to be consistent with the rest of the groups :slight_smile:


Sorry for the typo, fixed.

Note that I still cannot browse the facebook group as linked from the description.


@tfoote thank you very much for fixing typo :slight_smile: And you are right. Unfortunately public Facebook groups are not accessible without account.
So I guess in this case discourse category will be nice place for 100% public information to community.


Hi @tfoote

Please make a category ‘ROS Russian Users Group’ in Local Groups as well. We would like to have a possibility to create our own topics.

There is a description for “ROS Russian Users Group”:

Эта ветка форума - официальная дискуссия проектов ROS для группы пользователей ROS Russian Users Group. Если вас интересует ROS, то вы можете свободно взаимодействовать и общаться в этой группе на русском языке.
Для мгновенных сообщений присоединяйтесь к чату в Telegram по ссылке

Thank you for your time!



Hi Kirill,

Thanks for the suggestion. Could you please make the proposal for the ROS Russian User Group in a new thread? And before we create a new subcategory it would be great to see that there are a few other members who also can express interest in that thread so that we know there’s demand for the group. Until there’s a large amount of traffic to filter out we generally would prefer to keep communications concentrated for higher visibility.


@tfoote ,
Could you please make the proposal for the ROS China User Group in a new thread? It is unbelievable there is no User Group while China has 13 billion people, in fact , there are many robot software developers who use ROS in China , so I hope you can add a subcategory - ROS China User Group ,
in additions , welcome to facebook group ,
thx in advance


@lisuwang It would be great to setup a ROS China User Group. To get it going please create a proposal in the site feedback category: similar to how there was the recent proposal for the ROS Brazil User Group proposal here. If you can gather together a group of people who can express interest in participating and leading discussions in the category though adding supportive comments on the thread we can create it.

In general we are looking to make sure that there will be an active community that can maintain enough inertia to build and grow the community. Creating too fine grained subcategories w/o inertia in them can lead to disappointing experiences of new users. I also believe that there are some ROS groups on WeChat and other Chinese language sites and the feedback that I’ve received is that those are preferred over our hosting them. If there’s demand we would be happy to support having a dedicated sub category here.


As you suggest I will


As a follow up I’ve created a wiki post to document our current process at How to propose a new Local User Group and linked it from the local user groups about post: About the Local User Groups category