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Localization Software - Company Research/Interest Gauge

Hi there,

I am a product analyst for a robotics start-up based out of BC, Canada called Advanced Intelligent Systems (AIS).

Currently, we are developing robotics and automation technology and are researching the potential use of our ROS based localization software as a standalone item. I wanted to make a post in this community to gauge the interest and find any potential individuals or start-ups that are interested in a collaboration.

Our patented product provides an accurate and unique method of localizing the position and orientation of a robot/machine through the use of a 3D LiDAR and passive landmarks. Unlike the more common SLAM approach to mapping an environment, this software allows effective localization in dynamic environments and massive empty spaces (empty warehouses, fields, etc.). This software/hardware package provides a maintenance-free alternative to radio-beacon landmarks, enabling less management, lowered cost, and quick setup.

TBD, please inquire for a quote.

Precise Orientation & Position of robot/machine

We would love to see any interest and if our software is useful/practical to any other use case. We hope this will be a valuable and useful software for the robot community and any start-ups seeking to build AMRs. If anyone is interested, please reach out to me directly and we can start a conversation.