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Looking for a consultant experienced in ROS2, Docker, and data throughput issues

We would like to hire an experienced ROS2 + Docker developer to help us debug our data flow issue.

We have built a ROS2-based system that runs in several docker containers started simultaneously using docker-compose.

We are collecting an 8kHz stream of sensor data via an FPGA we have programmed which we have connected to the host linux machine via ethernet.

We know we are getting a continuous data stream from the FPGA but at some point in the ROS2 system we have built we are dropping messages.

If you have the needed prior ROS2, Docker and high speed data throughput experience, please contact us at

I’m not a ROS2 expert at all, but I know rosbag2 had serious problems losing lots of data. There should be a solution released soon, but it will require that you uninstall rosbag2 package and install rosbag2-future instead. Read more here: Fast Forward Merging rosbag2 master API to Foxy .

Apart from that, the classical approach would be: get rid of Docker for the debugging purposes. Does the issue happen without docker? Also, be sure to use Foxy or Rolling ROS2 distros.

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Thanks Martin. Very helpful. We’ll take a look. We’ve spent way too much time trying to debug this

@dmeglan Most probably Fast Forward Merging rosbag2 master API to Foxy 2 unrelated to your case unless if your scenario evolves recording and replay of the high throughput data.

I think you need to look at proper QOS configuration for publishers/subscribers. At least make sure that Reliability = reliable and Durability=transient local.

Please refer to the following links for more info:

Thanks! We were wondering how to best look into DDS QoS settings. Appreciate the guide on what to look at

@dmeglan my team offers deep expertise in ROS2 over Docker networks. We’ve just wrapped up a large EU project where we scale tested ROS2/DDS over docker networks across multiple datacenters across the Atlantic. Happy to understand your requirements. Drop me a message if you’re still looking for someone to help you out.

Some options already posted. Let’s pitch in because we would be happy to help:

Nobleo Technology is an engineering company specialized in development of Autonomous Intelligent Systems.

We have done multiple projects related to ROS2 (for example developed the ROS2 static executor presented at ROSCon 2019). One of our departments is specialized in low level software and software performance optimization for real-time behavior.

Feel free to send me a PB if you have more questions. We are curious what your challenges are and how we can help.

Regards, Tim

Thanks for the reply. We are about to work on it. I will respond back again when we have some progress

Thanks for the response. We are looking at this soon. I will follow up once we get a sense for what we think we need to do