Looking for a master degree scholarship in Aerial or mobile Robotics


I am a recent graduate Mechatronics Engineer searching for a Professor works in Aerial or mobile Robotics in path planning, SLAM, navigation or control research and looking for a master degree student with ability to cover the tution fees for me. As about me, I did my final year project in development drone for outdoor navigation and mapping indoor using ROS that integrated with API of Px4 as well as RPlidar with hector SLAM, as a result I have the following experience with others,

1- ROS and SLAM
2- C/C++ and Python
3- Software in the loop (SITL using Ardupilot firmware with flight controller simulator)
3- Basic of MAVLink, MavProxy
4- Linux user
5- Basic of OpenCV
6- Autodesk Inventor

I am really interested to join with a smart and very professional professor. I am looking forward to hearing from any Professor has the chance, the professional academic knowledge and willing for financial support to email me or comment and I will in touch with my pleasure to communicate him. My Email: