Looking for a robotics engineer in India.

Lead Robotics Navigation Engineer

Hyderabad, Telangana

Seven Robotics is focused on building robot mobility solutions for the industries of tomorrow. Our mission is to solve the problem of material flow holistically using intelligent, adaptable and cost-effective robots which act as discrete, reconfigurable agents for material handling. We believe our solution to the problem of intra-logistical material flow is critical to achieving efficient, resourceful and agile infrastructures that can meet the demands of tomorrow.

The Role:

The Navigation team owns the entire Navigation stack of the robot and is responsible for designing and fine-tuning the Navigation Architecture, implementing and testing Navigation algorithms. Liaising with the Hardware & Software teams to overcome Navigation related bottle-necks.

The Lead Robotics Navigation Engineer would be responsible for the development and direction of the Navigation stack, developing behavioral and component level test-cases for robot Navigation. Overseeing robot deployment in the field along with the team of Hardware & Software Engineers.


  • ● Develop, maintain and expand the source code for localization, sensor fusion, costmap representations & navigation behaviors.
  • ● Lead in design and development of various robot behaviours
  • ● Implement and maintain the best and cutting edge in Robot Navigation Research
  • ● Create and maintain tools for analysing and streaming navigation metrics such as localization confidence, sensor variances, scan-matching performance etc
  • ● Design and propose next-generation Navigation stack & software tools for the robot
  • ● Collaborate with the rest of the Engineering team at Seven Robotics to oversee the development of the robot & participate in designing the Field Deployment Infrastructure for the robots.


  • ● M.tech/M.Sc in Computer Science, Robotics, Mechatronics, EEE, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent

  • ● Proven Experience in designing and developing Navigation Algorithms for Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • ● Strong grasp of Core Navigation Concepts such as Path Planning (Grid-based, Sampling based), robot kinematics, optimal state estimation techniques (KF, EKF, PF etc), localization (amcl) etc

  • ● Experience developing software in a linux environment

  • ● Strong C/C++/Python skills (a basic understanding of ROS middleware)

  • ● Experience with build systems (cmake, make, scons etc)

  • ● Experience leading a team of Engineers Benefits:

  • ● Good Salary and equity package

  • ● Working with exceptionally talented engineers

  • ● Solving challenging and meaningful problems in the robotics industry

  • ● Contributing to the vision of aiding humanity through the utility and scalability of robotics