Robot Software Engineer at Relay Robotics

Relay Robotics is looking for an experienced roboticist to work on mobile robot navigation for our next generation of autonomous, personal service robots.

As a robot software engineer, you will be involved in designing, implementing and testing systems for mapping, motion/path planning and localization. A commitment to making the robot work robustly, 24/7 in diverse environments and around people is essential. You will work with a close knit cross-disciplinary team to help bring new products to market as well as service existing customers and platforms.


  • Designing, implementing and testing enhanced systems for navigation, motion/path planning, mapping and localization
  • Serving as a resource and working with a close knit cross-disciplinary team to help bring new products to market as well as service existing customers and platforms
  • Evaluating and testing novel graph-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms to provide metric maps of large environments with a low-cost range sensor
  • Improving data fusion algorithms to increase the accuracy of robot motion estimates
  • Contributing R&D insight to the development of new localization methods for large-scale environments using WiFi and/or wide-angle cameras
  • Evaluating and testing novel path and velocity planning algorithms for safe, smooth and continuous robot motion in dynamic environments
  • Evaluating and providing additional robot performance metrics with corresponding tests
  • Insuring highest quality software release cycles, continuous integration and deployment of new features
  • Evaluating and testing alternative sensors to improve performance at a lower cost


  • MS or Ph.D. in robotics or related field
  • 3+ years experience with robots and sensor systems in the real world
  • Solid software engineering skills and a demonstrated fluency in C++, Python and ROS development in a Linux environment
  • Solid understanding of mobile robot navigation algorithms and familiarity with the state of the art from the literature
  • Verbal and written communication skills to be able to work effectively as part of a small, distributed team

Relay Robotics operates a growing fleet of autonomous robots that are revolutionizing the services industry, starting with robots that make deliveries around the clock in hotels, hospitals and offices. We are excited to be building robots that are doing useful work and are touching people’s lives on a daily basis. Our robots have completed more than 1 million deliveries, bringing happiness to everyone they meet.

To apply, please visit our careers page at Careers — Relay Robotics.
Looking forward to your application!