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Manipulation WG - May 17, 2019 17:00 CET (9AM PDT, 1AM JST)

Next meeting is scheduled for May 17, 2019 17:00 CET (9AM PDT, 1AM JST). You can join the meeting though the following link:

Agenda will be posted over the following week or so.

Here’s an update about the proposed agenda. Feel free to suggest any topics if you plan on participating and we’ll try to include it in:

For those of you that can’t joint but are interested in the progress, we will be publishing the minutes shortly after the meeting.

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Is there a Google calendar event for this? If so can I get an invite?

Invited @mkhansen

Edit: the public URL of the Manpulation WG calendar is

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Minutes from the meeting held last week:

May 17, 2019 17:00 CET (9AM PDT, 1AM JST) - ROS 2 Manipulation WG Meeting minutes

  • Attendees:

    • Mike Lautman
    • Lander Usategui San Juan
    • Anas Mchichou El Harrak
    • Alejandro Hernández Cordero
    • VĂ­ctor Mayoral Vilches
    • Dave Coleman
    • Matthew K Hansen
  • Discussion:

    • Welcome and intros
    • MoveIt 2, status of the port
    • MoveIt 2 update and contributions
    • Other topics
      • ROS 2 Manipulation Workshop
        • VĂ­ctor proposed a Manipulation Workshop during ROSCon. Everyone agreed about it and PickNik showed will to contribute
        • Dave and Victor will follow up with this
        • PickNik considering to do a Moveit day
      • MoveIt 2 (vs MoveIt!) demonstrators?
        • Things that ROS 2 enables and that weren’t possible with MoveIt!, poll the maintainers and experts
          • VĂ­ctor to follow up with Dave on this
      • Sync with other WGs
        • Real-time assessment of moveit code?
          • Security is an interesting topic for companies like Acutronic Robotics using the MoveIt stack on industrial scenarios. Security validation is relevant.
          • Dave showed concerns about such assessment in MoveIt 2 given its maturity
          • VĂ­ctor agreed and emphasized that the initial security assessment should happen in MoveIt 1.0
          • A follow up discussion should happen in the next security meeting
        • Real-time is also a topic of interest, to bring up this topic in the corresponding working group in the upcoming meeting A real-time motion planner?
      • Next goals, community and re-alignment
        • Sync is a pending item, pushed for upcoming weeks
          • Sync with moveit upstream
          • Sync with moveit2 upstream
        • Tutorials and documentation are also a pending item, to review again once the port is more mature
        • Dashing release?
          • Matt suggested to make a release of the existing work to engage with the community. He argued that having some sort of debian files would help the community reproduce the existing work and engage with developers
            • VĂ­ctor clarified that debian files wouldn’t make sense with the current status of the port but showed openness to consider a pre-release with some additional documentation
          • VĂ­ctor clarified that Acutronic Robotics has fulfilled all its goals with regard MoveIt! as in the original objectives defined at
          • Dave commented that the MoveIt! community may be expecting a more finalized version of the port as communicated at
            • VĂ­ctor argued that this was a miscommunication issue and beyond Acutronic Robotics’ control
          • VĂ­ctor and Dave to devise a strategy on how proceed for Dashing
        • Dave shared a few words of appreciation about the commitment of Acutronic Robotics towards the port
        • VĂ­ctor thanked PickNik for their support with the community and informed that Acutronic Robotics plans to continue contributing and allocate additional person-months to continue pushing forward the MoveIt 2 port
    • Next meeting
      • Acutronic robotics will create a meeting in the following 2 weeks

You can follow the progress from previous meetings at

The next meeting is being organized at Manipulation WG - Friday 31st of May, 17:00 CET (9AM PDT, 1AM JST).