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Manipulation WG - Friday 3rd of May, 17:00 CET (9AM PDT, 1AM JST)

Following from the interest received in moveit2 (official repo, development fork) development and after the support received in the ROS 2 TSC, I’m glad to announce the creation of a Manipulation WG to steer and coordinate the ROS 2 efforts on manipulation.

So far, Acutronic Robotics and PickNik have been meeting over the last few Fridays. This WG is an opportunity to open the discussion to everyone and share the progress and efforts allocated. This should help jointly steer and distribute the work together to get the most productive output out of the growing ROS 2 manipulation community. Discussions will initially tackle the already ongoing moveit2 effort but we also invite other related manipulation-related topics and initiatives.

For starters the group will gather every two Fridays at 17:00 CET (9AM PDT, 1AM JST). The first meeting will be held the 3rd of May. Details for the first e-meeting are provided below:

Upcoming meetings will be available in this shared calendar. Depending on the geographical interest shown, we’d try to switch between Asia/Europe/US friendly times.


Woo! :partying_face:

Noted as interest shown :slight_smile: and sorry for the inconvenient time (we’ve been holding meetings at that time zone so it made sense to hold the first at that one.). Let’s try to make it better for those of you in JST.

We’ll switch between time zones every two Fridays then. @gbiggs I take you’ll participate if we make the change, any preference that could be (somewhat) reasonable also for Europe and US?

Actually as interested as I am I can’t join this one, except where it might cross over with safety or real-time issues. It’s too much for me to realistically commit to and I’d just be making a promise I can’t keep.

I do look forward to seeing awesome results, though. All factories running ROS2 in five years, for example. Not to set expectations too high or anything!

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I’m doing manipulation on MoveIt but I want to follow this.

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Here is the agenda for the meeting:

See you on Friday!


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Minutes available here. Find below a summary of the last session:

ROS 2 Manipulation WG Meeting Minutes: 3 May 2019

  • Attendees:

    • Alejandro (Acutronic Robotics)
    • Lander (Acutronic Robotics)
    • Anas (Acutronic Robotics)
    • Ibai (Acutronic Robotics)
    • Igor (Acutronic Robotics)
    • Mike (PickNik)
    • Henning (PickNik)
  • Discussion:

    • Welcome and introductions

    • MoveIt 2, status of the port

    • MoveIt 2 update and contributions

      • Acutronic Robotics
      • PickNik (funded by Acutronic Robotics)
        • Supporting with community integration
        • Trying to reproduce existing work, unsuccessful so far
    • Other topics

      • Hardware CI
        • Discuss ideas about using HTC Vive sensors to create a hardware setup that allows to bring CI to hardware
      • Real-time motion planners
      • ROSCon workshop
        • Some interest raised, to be further discussed in the next call
      • Requests
        • (PickNik) Improve the reproduction of existing work

        • (Acutronic Robotics) Currently proposes three avenues for reproducing work:

          will review things and try to simplify

    • Next meeting: To be planned

Next meeting scheduled Manipulation WG - May 17, 2019 17:00 CET (9AM PDT, 1AM JST).