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ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes: 2019-05-16

ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes: 16 May 2019

  • Attendees
    • Open Robotics: Tully Foote, Brian Gerkey, Louise Poubel, Dirk Thomas
    • TRI: Allison Thackston
    • LG Electronics: Brian Shin
    • eProsima: Jaime Martin Losa
    • Bosch: Karsten Knese
    • ROBOTIS: Yoonseok Pyo
    • Tier IV: Geoffrey Biggs
    • Acutronic Robotics: Víctor Mayoral Vilches
    • Intel: Matt Hansen
    • Amazon: Rutvik Hora
    • Apex.AI: Dejan Pangercic
  • Old business:
    • [2 mins] [Gerkey] ROS trademark update
      • Lawyers preparing application
    • [2 mins] [Gerkey] ROS Elevator Pitch Brochure
      • TSC members to send Brian images to include next week.
      • Brian to do final iteration with designer and be ready to share around time of Dashing release.
    • [2 mins] [Dirk] transition
      • We tried GitHub project board for the last two sprints (for the API freeze as well as the feature freeze); pros and cons:
        • (+) The fact that you can place tickets in multiple projects with independent state has proven useful
        • (-) The inability to add tickets from different org units (creating a note with a link to the external ticket as a workaround)
        • (-) The inability to group correlated tickets
        • (-) New tickets aren’t added to the project board until explicitly selected by a maintainer
      • Conclusion: we are not very happy because of the cons and will re-evaluate our options, while limping along in the status quo of no perfect solution.
        • Dejan and Dirk to check with contacts at GitHub on what features can be expected in the future.
      • Alternative idea, raised by Geoff: follow Autoware’s lead and move from GitHub to GitLab, where the project boards have more of what we need. Such a move would be very disruptive, so not something that’s in the cards right now.
    • [5 mins] [Tully / Louise] armhf (32-bit ARM) becoming a Tier 2 supported platform
      • Armhf executors added to; manual and nightly jobs are running
        • ~10 test failures in default build
      • REP 2000 updates [PR]
        • Follow-up PR required to update tier status for armhf : Tully
      • Implication for OpenEmbedded as Tier 3?
        • Follow-up for Brian S. to submit PR to add new platform (against this branch).
    • [10 mins] [Gerkey] Dashing release communication plan
      • Review list of demos to come from TSC members
      • Formulate sequence of release-related events
        • Discourse post(s)
        • June 5th meetup
        • Individual company blog & social media posts as you see fit
  • New business:
    • (none)
  • Standing updates:
    • [15 min] [Dirk / All] Release planning - Dashing update [meta ticket]
      • Open Robotics
        • Action CLI
        • IDL
          1. String (UTF-8), WString (UTF-16)
          2. Python numeric arrays and sequences, performance and memory improvements
        • Intra process communication
          1. Publish only unique ptr vs. value
          2. Only do inter process comm when necessary
          3. Consider intra process subscriber signature
        • Launch
          1. Launching components
          2. Launch-based testing improvements
        • Parameters
          1. Declare parameters explicitly
          2. Read-only flag and value range descriptor
        • Fix memory leak in rclpy
        • Roll out of incremental CI jobs on (Linux only)
        • Update to FastRTPS (soon to be) 1.8
      • Acutronic Robotics
        • Real-Time
          1. Been working in the ROS 2 Real-Time Quality Assurance Farm
          2. Update at
          3. 2-3 weeks of work left until presenting final results
        • Information models
          1. Not much progress to report for now
        • Manipulation
          1. Finalized a first demonstrator with MoveIt 2, more in the WGs discussion below
        • Teaser for ROS 2 Dashing
          1. Prepared small teaser to get input from TSC
      • Amazon
        • QoS features are merged in to mainline. Pending Demo & System tests related PRs:
        • Working on cross-compile support targeting armhf
        • Kicking off work to implement a framework/package that can capture and run ROS2 security attacks:
        • Asan and Tsan related analysis is complete. Planning to submit a post on discourse with findings and bugs we have fixed so far.
      • Apex.AI
      • eProsima
        • 1.8.0 Released. New Features:
          2. IDL 4.2
          3. Deadline QoS, Lifespan QoS
          4. Disable positive ACKs
          5. TLS support (secure sockets on TCP transport)
          6. Realtime improvements
            1. Preallocation
            2. Non-Blocking Calls
          7. API improvements
            1. Manual liveliness API (implementation pending for a patch release)
          8. Many bugfixes
        • Not yet tagged, solved minor issues with ROS2 CI
        • Dedicated infrastructure for CI performance tests
        • 1.8.1 planning.
        • Discovery Server Alpha available
      • ROBOTIS
      • BOSCH
        • Diagnostics:
          1. PRs still waiting for review on upstream repo
          2. Diagnostics-Aggregator is dependent on Bond-core (upstream PR has to be reviewed as well)
        • Micro-ROS:
          1. Work done to work with CMake instead of native nuttx tools
          2. System modes released
        • Realtime Executor:
          1. Paper about realtime analysis (executor model) released by Bosch PhD student
          2. Experiment code available
    • Working group updates:
      • [3 min] [Matt H] Navigation
        • Change nodes to Lifecycle nodes
          1. Adds a lifecycle_manager node
          2. Adds Rviz plugin for startup / shutdown
        • Change from nav2_tasks to rclcpp actions
        • Adding collision checking for recovery behaviors
        • Added parallel planning and control
        • Enabling “rolling window” for local costmap
      • [3 min] [Rutvik] Security
      • [3 min] [Dejan] Real-time
        • Update is posted here:
        • In brief:
          1. my initial posted attracted interest from Acutronic, Amazon, Bosch, Intel, Ubiquity, Centro Universitario de la Defensa, TierIV, Intel Portland, IIT
          2. First meeting: next Monday
          3. Consensus seems to be that it does not make sense to try to work on the whole HW/SW stack (which also includes ECUs, OSs, Interfaces, …) but instead to only focus on things like memory management, real-time pub/sub, real-time DDS and tools that allow tracing, profiling and optimizing
      • [3 min] [Geoff] Safety
        • Safety-critical WG
        • A meeting was held but not well attended (only one other attendee).
        • Some ideas were discussed but due to the lack of attendance no concrete plans were made.
        • Intel missed the meeting but are interested in a future meeting, along with others. Follow up in the thread.
      • [3 min] [Karsten] Embedded
        • No update since last time
      • [3 min] [Víctor] Manipulation
  • Other:
    • Brian to update calendar time to be more accommodating for members in Europe.
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