Manipulation WG / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting - August 24

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be 2023-08-24T15:00:00Z.


  • MTC - ros2 development, API divergence
  • panda_moveit_config vs moveit_resources_panda_moveit_config (moveit2_tutorials#704)
  • MoveItCon 2023 - call for contributions


Dial in by Phone (US)
+1 406-851-5227
PIN: 490 349 699#

@Henning_Kayser Could Use `panda_moveit_config` or `moveit_resources_panda_moveit_config`? Unclear the direction and rationale · Issue #704 · ros-planning/moveit2_tutorials · GitHub be added to the agenda? This is blocking (if I’m not mistaken any newer development) some existing PRs.

@130s the meeting is happening right now, would you like to join to discuss that issue?


  • Tyler Weaver
  • Abishalini Sivaraman
  • Alex Moriarty
  • Cassidy Elliott
  • David Yackzan
  • Erik Holum
  • Henning Kayser
  • Mario Prats
  • Marq Rasmussen
  • Nacho Mellado
  • Robert Haschke
  • Isaac Saito


  • New people introduce themselves: Mario, David, Nacho
  • [Henning] MTC on ROS2. PickNik would like to get more changes upstream faster. Erik?
    • [Erik] Studio is a heavy user of MTC.
    • [Erik] We have several grants for working on MTC
    • [Robert] Not aware of current PRs on MTC
    • [Robert] Would like to keep the single repo. Maybe we should have a separate meeting?
    • [Erik] We will internally collabere and prepare for a meeting.
  • [Mario] What is the style guide?
    • [Henning/Tyler] clang-tidy / clang-format / website
  • [Isaac] What panda config should tutorials depend on? Use `panda_moveit_config` or `moveit_resources_panda_moveit_config`? Unclear the direction and rationale · Issue #704 · ros-planning/moveit2_tutorials · GitHub
    • [Isaac] Robert says the tutorials shouldn’t depend on the moveit_resources versions
    • [Henning] He isn’t wrong. We have been using moveit_resources because we can easily update it and Franka is not actively maintaining their configs. We shouldn’t make moveit_resources depend on the franka repo. We are also transitioning to kinova arm in tutorials.
    • [Alex] Because Robert objected to Kinova configs being merged into moveit_resources we put in its own repo. It would be easier if all our configs were in one place but it does make sense that each robot should be in its own place.
    • [Tyler] You are welcome to use Kinova for your tutorial if that is easier.
    • [Isaac] Are you accepting PRs for non-Kinova arms?
    • [Tyler] Yes, we are happy to accept PRs with either. Thank you for working on this.

One more note. We are hosting an in-person event the week of ROSCON. If you are using MoveIt please signup and attend. MoveItCon 2023 | PickNik

If you are contributing to MoveIt and would like to speak about something specific please reach out so we can get you on the schedule.