Manipulation WG / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting - April 27

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be 2023-04-27T15:00:00Z.



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Phone Numbers (US)

+1 347-486-5750

PIN: 644 991 049#

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  • Paul Gesel
  • Henning Kayser
  • Chance Cardona
  • Tyler Weaver
  • Sebastian Jahr
  • Esteban Guerrero
  • Simon
  • Joe Schornak
  • Cassidy Elliott
  • Abi Sivaraman

Enable parallel planning with PipelinePlanner in MTC (Sebastian Jahr)

Extending MoveGroupInterface to specify controllers (Henning)

AI-assisted PR’s in MoveIt (Henning)

  • Have seen plenty of AI-assisted contributions lately, mostly low quality and broken
  • Some contributor’s accounts have already been deleted on GitHub
  • Discussion: Do we need to extend our Community Guidelines or Contribution Policy?
    • Require to mention AI-assisted content in PRs
    • Labeling suspicious contributions, and make it easier to reject or block users in case of spamming
  • Some users may be motivated to somehow game their way into the GSoC program, so hopefully this is only a temporary problem
  • Another concern is that AI-generated content may have copyright implications
  • This has been discussed in the TSC meetings as well, so maybe there will be a ROS-wide solution in the future
  • Conclusion: Raise awareness - MoveIt maintainers should keep an eye on this and discuss if we need to take action in follow-up meetings

GSoC 2023 (Henning)

  • proposal ranking deadline is today (Apr 27)
  • 19 proposals
  • Two candidates ranked, primary mentors: Sebastian Castro and Andy Zelenak
  • Received plenty of very low-effort or unqualified proposals. We should try to engage candidates even more for online contributions, and make sure they follow Google’s proposal guide.

World MoveIt Day 2023 (Henning)

  • Date: June 8th
  • Main Theme: Python support
  • Competition with prize (PickNik is seeking sponsoring from hardware vendors)
  • Intention: open MoveIt up to Python and Machine Learning community
  • Brief Discussions:
    • Reach out to university labs directly and also advertise for GSoC 2024
    • Promote locally through Meetup
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