Manipulation WG / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting - September 28

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be 2023-09-28T15:00:00Z.



Dial in by Phone (US)
+1 406-851-5227
PIN: 490 349 699#


  • Sebastian Castro
  • Abishalini Sivaraman
  • Alex Moriarty
  • Cassidy Elliott
  • David Yackzan
  • Henning Kayser
  • Mario Prats
  • Marq Rasmussen
  • Nathan Brooks
  • Paul Gesel
  • Sebastian Jahr


[Henning] Logging: Discussion around Fix loggers to publish to /rosout · Issue #2376 · ros-planning/moveit2 · GitHub

  • [Mario] Is this only relevant of moveit_core?
  • [Henning] No, that’s one of the problems with the current implementation because we need a ROS node everywhere. Abstracting that away could help with that. Another problem with the current logging is that we cannot access it again (e.g. a planner creates an error log message and we cannot access this error message again).
  • [Marq] What’s the problem with rclcpp::get_logger(…)?
  • [Henning] That does not publish to rosout
  • [Nathan] Does this support logging the planning scene?
  • [Henning] No, this is only for log message. But it helps to filter error messages. It enables for structured log messages to be published not for debugging actual data.
  • [Paul] How about using a singleton with an instance of a ROS node that’s passed around?
  • [Henning] Summary: There are four possible solutions:
    • Passing node around
    • Abstract logging from ROS
    • Use singleton with a node
    • Fix rclcpp
  • [Henning] Please reach out to me if you have know logging examples/ tooling in other applications. I’ll try to make some progress there.

[Sebastian C] Presents the tentative MoveItCon agenda

    • IK solvers and benchmarking [PickNik]
    • MoveIt Python bindings [PickNik]
    • Kinova Drivers + Tutorial Updates [Kinova + PickNik]
    • Latest Developments with NVIDIA’s Isaac Sim: Manipulation, Robot Importers, and More [NVIDIA + PickNik]
    • Sarcos Robotics Motion Planning Pipeline with MoveIt Task Constructor [Sarcos]
    • Space ROS [Amazon]
    • Hands-on workshop
    • MoveIt Studio for Industrial Pick and Place Applications
    • MoveIt Studio in Space Research and Development
    • MoveIt Studio as a Developer Platform
  • PANEL: Future of Robotics Autonomy Software [PickNik + Invited Guests]