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Map Storage Format for Autoware

There was a discussion in TSC Meeting regarding Autoware’s map storage format.
Parkopedia is in favor of using OpenDrive, but I think we should do more investigation/discussion about this.

Let’s use this thread for discussion.

TSC Meeting Minutes

Project update: Map format (Parkopedia/Tier IV/Apex.AI)

  • The OpenDrive format is very widely used in industry.
    • It’s so common that the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) organisation has commissioned a converter between OpenDrive (an XML format) and NDS format (an sqlite3 database).
  • OpenDrive is being standardised within an organisation called The Association for the Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems, which is part of the OpenDrive Forum.
  • Parkopedia’s proposal:
    • Use OpenDrive (which is also supported by CARLA) as a map storage format
    • Continue the lanelets2 work as the library we use to read maps from disc
    • Create some OpenDrive maps for environments (car parks)
  • lanelets2 is just a library, and it reads from and writes to the OpenStreetMap format. In principle it should be able to make it read from and write to OpenDrive maps.
  • OpenDrive format is a single format on which we can concentrate our efforts.
  • We need to investigate how much of the features we need OpenDrive covers.
    • Parkopedia has not done a complete investigation, but the impression so far is that it covers more of the features we need than OpenStreetMap.
      • Parkopedia will start a discussion on Discourse about this topic.
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@Brian_Holt As a starting point, could you clarify the reason that Parkopedia favors OpenDrive?
From TSC minutes, the only reason I see is that “OpenDrive is used by everyone”.

IMO, if there is no critical issue with Lanelet2 OSM format, I think it would be much simpler to go with it because the format is made for Lanelet2 library. Of course, we can also support OpenDrive as an option since it is widely used, but I think recommended format should be Lanelet2 OSM format.

We (Ridecell-Auro) have been doing some work on OpenDrive Lanlet2 conversion, along with support for some more vendors of ours. Would be glad to help.

@mitsudome-r @Brian_Holt @simon-t4
We would love to invite in out map format meeting that would happen within next 2 weeks. Let us know what would be convenient


@jitrc Please see Autoware Map Data and Formats working group: Call for participation - you’re very welcome to join the working group!