Merry Christmas from Czech Technical University - robot light show [bag included]

Merry Christmas from Center for Robotics and Autonomous Systems at Czech Technical University in Prague!

Our Christmas video this year reviews the robot light show we have prepared for the Signal light festival in October!

Featuring three Spot quadrupeds, one Husky 4-wheeler, one TRADR tracked and one Lily hexapod robots running on ROS 1 with full DARPA SubT artifact-searching payload, wirelessly-controlled light installations (angel wings) and 4 additional Ouster lidars that captured the visitors and made the light installations react to the visitors’ activity. As a bonus, if you wonder what are the interesting low sounds you hear - that’s a guitar sensor attached between one Spot’s hind legs, capturing the sound of the electromagnetic field from the motors! I think this sound should be used in some horror movies!

(photos by Dusan Vondra/SIGNAL festival and others)

For those interested, we also provide a full bag file captured on the tracked robot - with 10 FPS 3D lidar scans from Ouster OS0-128 and 6 FPS HD images from FLIR Ladybug 3 omnicamera. The light conditions were harsh, but combining RGB and lidar sensing, it is actually pretty easy to understand the scene. Fortunately (for publicizing of the dataset), the light was too low to capture details of individual faces :slight_smile:

The bag file and other support files can be downloaded from . See in the directory for further instructions. They are released under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Thanks a lot to the whole crew that prepared this installation, mostly Vojta Leischner, Jirka Zemanek, Tomas Roucek and Beda Himmel.

Some more media links:

Happy ROSing!


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