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micro-ROS Galactic release

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce the release of micro-ROS Galactic!

micro-ROS has become a reliable framework increasingly adopted by industrial use cases, helping several manufacturers to bring ROS 2 into microcontrollers.

micro-ROS Galactic brings many key enhancements and dedicated features for the Galactic Distribution!

As an appetiser:

  • ROS 2 Parameter server
  • Throughput optimization via continuous fragment mode and Big write (+64 kB) tweak. This out-of-standard tweak allows micro-ROS nodes to publish messages exceeding that 64kB (maximum topic size when publishing and subscribing according to standard)
  • Agent multiserial transport. It allows the connection of multiple micro-ROS nodes that use a serial transport to the same micro-ROS Agent.
  • Static type introspection handler and C99 type support helpers
  • Mbed RTOS 6.8 / 6.9 / 6.10 support and NuttX 10.0 / 10.1 support
  • Support for the new Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect, the first Arduino with Raspberry Pi silicon, with WiFi, Bluetooth and built-in sensors
  • And much more!

Please, check the full features and platforms supported here!

micro-ROS framework is the result of an EU funded Project. It has evolved acquiring robustness and reliability helping to develop new applications based on extreme resource constrained devices.

micro-ROS supports Galactic using the Fast DDS middleware, Foxy and Rolling.

In order to have a better perspective on where we are, you can take a look at our recently updated ROS 2 feature comparison table.

Stay tuned, micro-ROS keeps evolving!



Super exciting!


@mamerlan and micro-ROS team Great work :exclamation:

quick question. i think agent owns the parameters, correct? then if we have backup redundant agent standing by in case of primary agent crash, parameters can be consistent in backup agent? if you have design document, could you point that?

thanks in advance.

Hello @tomoyafujita by now the parameter server lives only in the micro-ROS client and it does not have any kind of persistence if the client reboots. But, having a agent persistance system is in our roadmap, so in a future sync of micro-ROS Galactic we will release this feature.

Do you have some use case for using parameters in micro-ROS?

Thanks for the interest!

not concrete use cases, but in general we would want to control device or sensor setting via parameter.

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