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micro-ROS meets the new Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect!

This new Nano RP2040 board is incredibly suitable for micro-ROS applications.

It comes with the same MCU than the Raspberry Pi Pico and provides extra features!

  • Integrated Wifi and BLE communication modules, so you can connect your micro-ROS nodes to the ROS 2 dataspace wirelessly thanks to the NINA-W102 communication module.

  • In addition to the already known dual-core Arm Cortex M0+, this board has 264KB of SRAM and 16MB of Flash memory.

  • A couple of very interesting sensors have been added to the board. First of them is a MEMS microphone (ST MP34DT05). We have prepared a basic sonometer application that publishes the noise data in decibels to the ROS 2 dataspace.

  • And the other is a 6-axis IMU (ST LSM6DSOXTR) that will bring inertial data to your micro-ROS application. It also features a Machine Learning core that can classify some common human movements, check the micro-ROS enabled activity recognition app.

Full integrated in your favorite Arduino IDE through the micro-ROS Arduino library

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