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Raspberry Pi Pico and ROS 2

Here is an example, explanation, pre-built micro-ROS static library, and a simple tutorial on how to re-build micro-ROS by yourself:

I am sure the micro-ROS team will do a much better job with the new Raspberry Pi microcontroller. However, I was impatient to see how it works :slight_smile:


As an update on the topic: @lukicdarkoo has generously consented to fork the repo to our organization, of which he’s the official maintainer! A great honour for us :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, we’re anxiously waiting for the Arduino Nano RP2040 to be delivered to the thirsty masses, so we can provide an alternative port of micro-ROS to the brand new Raspi Pi Pico via our successful integration w/ the Arduino ecosystem. Stay tuned!


micro-ROS has gotten all the way to the Ubuntu blog (an article which first appeared here): check out this blogpost detailing step-by-step how to put your Raspberry Pi Pico into communication with the ROS 2 ecosystem, thanks to the port of micro-ROS to this board!

Thanks @Jeremie for the dissemination effort!