MicroROS Platformio - New example available

Hi all,
just an FYI keeping my promise to contribute where I can (as little that is for now).

Just successfully ported a new example from

It is still a pull-request awaiting to be merged into master branch, but until then the example, for anyone who is facing same beginner hurdles, can be found here:

Once the example source code is “downloaded” to the teensy, it then will create a serial listener node
and it can turn on/off an LED via publishing on the subscribed topic:

To turn LED on:
$ ros2 topic pub /micro_ros_arduino_subscriber std_msgs/msg/Int32 "data: 1" -1

or to turn it off:
$ ros2 topic pub /micro_ros_arduino_subscriber std_msgs/msg/Int32 "data: 0" -1

I’m still working on porting some other examples over, but I do need some help with it.

Hope this is going to be useful for someone!


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