micro-ROS for PlatformIO - Call to action!

Hi, micro-ROS community!

As you might know, PlatformIO has become a really popular solution for embedded development, it provides a complete embedded development environment compatible with tons of boards, frameworks, and platforms.

Most of you have been using our micro-ROS for Arduino library to integrate micro-ROS in the PlatformIO environment, but we think that we can do it much better. So, we have been developing a proper solution for integrating the micro-ROS build system in the PlatformIO build system. You can check it here.

micro-ROS for Arduino provide a precompiled set of libraries due to the lack of advanced features for building the micro-ROS stack in the Arduino IDE/CLI development environment. Meanwhile, PlatformIO allows complex build processes where the micro-ROS library can be compiled just in time for the used platform avoiding cross-compilation compatibility issues. Also, it provides a much more flexible way of configuring the micro-ROS library with custom packages and/or custom middleware configurations.

We have reached a semi-functional status where some platforms are supported but we need your help to provide feedback and comments about your needs as micro-ROS developers. So we are opening a beta testing period before releasing this library on the PlatformIO registry.

We ask the community to:

  • test current available boards and transports
  • add / request / recommend new boards and transports
  • test the whole functionality and advice new features

Please feel free to comment in the micro-ROS for PlatformIO repo discussion panel

Sincerely, the micro-ROS team.