Migration of docs.ros.org to new web host

We have been in the process of migrating the ROS web properties to an upgraded web host. The latest of these to migrate has been docs.ros.org. Since both the ROS and ROS 2 build farms both write to docs.ros.org this migration was a bit more complex than the others and this has caused some churn in doc jobs for active ROS distributions (Noetic, Iron, Humble, Rolling, and Jazzy).

If you’re a package maintainer, you may have seen some emails related to doc jobs failing with permissions errors during the transition. We are addressing these issues and will be re-triggering jobs that failed during the transition. You should not need to take any action as I’ve been scanning for and re-triggering jobs that failed due to permissions issues.

If you notice problems with docs.ros.org, please let us know either here or by reporting an infrastructure issue.


I found this post after noticing a ROS1 build failed yesterday evening. It looks like a whole bunch of builds for various packages are failing, which sounds like a known issue, per above.

The half dozen messages here (https://groups.google.com/g/ros-buildfarm-noetic?pli=1) that I’ve clicked all indicate issues copying to the docs I think, e.g.:

SSH: Connecting with configuration [docs] ...
SSH: Disconnecting configuration [docs] ...
ERROR: Exception when publishing, exception message [Could not create or change to directory. Directory [robot_controllers]] 

Figured I’d mention what I’m seeing, in case the issues are more widespread than was already known. I don’t see any indication of a re-triggering of the job, at least for the package I’m updating (robot-controllers). Thanks!

Thanks for the report. There does look to be some mismatched configuration here. I’m taking a closer look.

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Alright, I know what’s up here but it isn’t a just a misconfiguration, rather there’s an issue with one of the two ways that files are transferred between the build agent and the docs host. I think the right answer is to consolidate down to a single method for file transfer (preferring the one that works) but it’ll take me a bit of time to get a patch together and tested.

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Thanks for digging! Let me know if I can help in any way :+1:

Note for anyone else who is an infrequent releaser of ROS packages (like me): the above issues don’t affect actual release builds, i.e. those done using bloom, so it’s still possible to release your changes and get them into ros-testing. :+1: