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Migration of ros1-bridge docker images and availability for ARM

We’re pleased to announce that the ros1-bridge docker images for all active ROS2 distributions are now part of the official docker library.

You can try them out by simply pulling ros:foxy-ros1-bridge.
Some examples of how to use them are available here

What this means for users:

  • availability for more architecture: on top of amd64, armv8 (aarch64) images are now available as well
  • automatic rebuild on OS image update

What about the existing osrf/ros:$ROS_DISTRO-ros1-bridge images:

There were already ros1-bridge docker images on the osrf dockerhub profile. These images are now deprecated, will not be rebuilt anymore and will be completely removed in a couple months.
If you are relying on these images, please migrate to the official images.

As usual if you have feedback or face any issues with these images, please open a ticket here

Happy containing!