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ROS Rolling docker images

ROS Rolling docker images are now available on Dockerhub :whale: !

Give them a try by simply running:

docker run -it --rm ros:rolling

ROS Rolling images are currently available for the same platforms as ROS Foxy:

Ubuntu Focal:
  arm64v8 (aarch64)

The following tags are available for these platforms:


The desktop image is available on the osrf profile (amd64 only)

To try them out:

docker run -it osrf/ros:rolling-desktop

Rolling is a peculiar distro and as such some things differ from the other ROS docker images:

  • It will change base image at some point in the future and use more recent ubuntu distribution to build on
  • The ros1-bridge image will likely stop being built when the base distro is upgraded (Except if there happen to be debs of it built for newer ubuntu images)
  • The rebuilds on dockerhub may not follow the cadence of the rolling syncs depending on how often these happen. We’re exploring options to get images rebuilt after each sync in the future.

These images of the Rolling ROS release provide the latest packages available via apt, allowing you to use the more recent features while still using a familiar ROS environment.
If you want to live on the edge, check out the nightly docker images that will provide bleeding-edge (unstable) features.

As always:

Happy containing!