MoveIt approved for three GSoC 2024 projects

Hi all!

Google has just announced the approved summer of code projects on Wednesday, and we are excited to share that MoveIt has been approved for all three project proposals that we ranked.

This summer, we will

  • experiment with enabling Drake’s optimization features in MoveIt with Aditya Kami,
  • enable and benchmark Zenoh support for MoveIt with Cihat Kurtuluş Altıparmak, and
  • improve simulation support in MoveIt with focus on MuJoCo with Sangtaek Lee.

Together with the contributors we are now getting ready for the actual project work to start. Stay tuned for more updates and information here on Discourse and the MoveIt GitHub.


In case it’s useful for the mujoco project, here’s some code that translates the mujoco model/data into a planning scene message: mjregrasping/src/mjregrasping/ at d7ef88617282bdca254ef2571124a667214097ca · UM-ARM-Lab/mjregrasping · GitHub