MoveIt GSoC 2024 - Submission Deadline April 2nd

Hi Robotics students and Open Source enthusiasts,

MoveIt is again listing projects for Google Summer of Code 2024. If you are a student or otherwise eligible to the GSoC program, we invite you to submit your application for one of our proposed projects.

This year, PickNik is mentoring projects about:

  • Better Simulation Support
  • Improved Collision Avoidance
  • Drake Integration Experiments
  • Supporting Closed-chain Kinematics
  • Zenoh Support & Benchmarking

For more details about the projects and application submission, visit the MoveIt GSoC 2024 page!

If you want to learn more about MoveIt’s previous GSoC success stories, read GSoC 2023: MoveIt Servo and IK Benchmarking and GSoC 2022: MoveIt 2 Python Library on the MoveIt blog.


This is wonderful, it is going to be extremely useful for the Open Source enthusiasts

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