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MoveIt! Maintainer Meeting Recap - May 29th, 2018


  • Progress releasing ROS Melodic
  • GSoC - we got three students!
  • Cartesian path planning in MoveIt!
  • Python interfaces
  • Adding/updating maintainer list
  • Google C++ style
  • World MoveIt! Day


  • Michael ‘v4hn’ Görner
  • Robert Haschke
  • Isaac IY Saito
  • Jorge Nicho
  • Dave Coleman
  • Ian McMahon
  • Bence Magyar
  • Gijs van der Hoorn
  • Mike Lautman
  • Levi H. Armstrong
  • Akiyoshi Ochiai


Progress releasing ROS Melodic

  • May 23rd first official release (v0.10.1), but its still in beta
  • Two warnings remain
  • Melodic is not stable
  • OMPL has changed its version number and we need to adapt to it
  • Still need to release Kinetic again, as well as Indigo and Lunar
  • Need to announce in blog posts

Extending MoveIt! messages

  • Update MotionPlanRequest with new constraints
  • Joint trajectories
  • Cartesian trajectories
  • Will debate this further in a PR proposal

GSoC - we have three students!

  • Quick updates on their status
  • Overall going well

Cartesian path planning in MoveIt!

  • Move Cartesian capabilities out of RobotState
  • Perhaps convert to its own planning plugin
  • Descartes integration - a MoveGroup capability - coming online
  • Another new Cartesian plugin is being developed by an undisclosed team

Python interfaces

  • Use boost:python to cleanup code
  • Move python wrappers to each coresponding folder
  • Change folder structure to follow best pratices of python

Adding/updating maintainer list

  • Add Mike Lautman (PickNik), he has been very active on the Cartesian planning
    capability and the new tutorials

Google C++ style

  • Continue using clang-tidy to modernize codebase
  • When ROS style guideline does not address it, default to Google style
  • ROS 2.0 is much truer to GSG

Backporting TF2 Changes (Ian)

  • Depending on Melodic changes in RVIZ.

World MoveIt! Day

  • Offical date is October 25th!
  • Need to create blog post
  • Newcomers should work on tutorials and create issues on things that are
  • Prepare more materials for how to organize a World MoveIt! Day to help
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