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MoveIt! Maintainer Meeting Recap - Aug 23rd, 2018




  • Melodic in Kinetic
  • Industrial_moveit
  • Tesseract
  • ROSCon
  • GSOC recap
  • World MoveIt! Day
  • Website revamped


Melodic in Kinetic:

  • MG recommends having a separate TF publisher
  • Robert is using Melodic in Kenetic


  • Stomp is useful
  • The collision detection has been integrated
  • Constrained IK is not building
  • Dave proposes adding STOMP to MoveIt!
  • This makes sense as all
  • The plan is to separate out the STOMP code into a separate repository
  • There is a question as to whether ROS-I or ROS-planning will keep the new repository
  • Action item: ROS-I folk will discuss internally and get back to us


  • Made changes to the planning scene for convex and non-convex hulls
  • Managed to use Bullet for collision checking. This is useful for getting accurate signed distances


  • Meeting up for dinner friday night


  • Lots of work came out of this
  • Bryce is interested in picking up where Raghavander left out

World MoveIt! Day

  • Dave made a how to guide
  • 2 months away

Website revamp

  • Feedback: Tutorials link in top bar
  • Feedback: It looks like the robot is falling off the Ubuntu box
  • Feedback: Install from Deb vs install from Debian