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MoveIt! Maintainer Meeting Recap - Aug 23rd, 2018


  • Melodic in Kinetic
  • Industrial_moveit
  • Tesseract
  • ROSCon
  • GSOC recap
  • World MoveIt! Day
  • Website revamped


Melodic in Kinetic:

  • MG recommends having a separate TF publisher
  • Robert is using Melodic in Kenetic


  • Stomp is useful
  • The collision detection has been integrated
  • Constrained IK is not building
  • Dave proposes adding STOMP to MoveIt!
  • This makes sense as all
  • The plan is to separate out the STOMP code into a separate repository
  • There is a question as to whether ROS-I or ROS-planning will keep the new repository
  • Action item: ROS-I folk will discuss internally and get back to us


  • Made changes to the planning scene for convex and non-convex hulls
  • Managed to use Bullet for collision checking. This is useful for getting accurate signed distances


  • Meeting up for dinner friday night


  • Lots of work came out of this
  • Bryce is interested in picking up where Raghavander left out

World MoveIt! Day

  • Dave made a how to guide
  • 2 months away

Website revamp

  • Feedback: Tutorials link in top bar
  • Feedback: It looks like the robot is falling off the Ubuntu box
  • Feedback: Install from Deb vs install from Debian
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I’ll be around and interested, are there any plans yet? Where and when do we meet? An Email would also be cool if this is going to be not so public

See you on Friday hopefully