MoveIt! Maintainer Meeting Recap - July 25th, 2018


  • Status of ROS Melodic
  • Building Melodic on Kinetic
  • Progress with GSoC students
  • World MoveIt! Day Planning
  • New OMPL interfaces
  • Potential Intel collaborations
  • Switching to reoccurring monthly meeting of shorter length


  • Michael ‘v4hn’ Görner
  • Isaac IY Saito
  • Jorge Nicho
  • Dave Coleman
  • Ian McMahon
  • Gijs van der Hoorn
  • Mike Lautman
  • Zack Kingston
  • Will Baker
  • Nathan Brooks
  • Matthew K Hansen
  • Mark Moll
  • Andy McEvoy
  • Sharron Liu


1 - Introductions

  • Matthew K Hansen from Intel
  • Zack Kingston from RICE’s Kavraki robotics lab
    • Works in MoveIt!, Robonaut 2.0
  • Will Baker from Houson Mechatronics
    • Worked on MoveIt! with Robonaut
  • Nathan Brooks from Picknik

2 - ROS Melodic

  • MoveIt! migration PR still un-reviewed
  • Most users still on kinetic
  • No robot drivers, many packages still behind
  • API changes in Melodic, pluginlib, TF2(ABI changes) , etc., make it incompatible with ROS- Kinetic. These changes bring ROS Melodic closer to ROS 2.0.

3 – GsOC

  • Michael Görner update:
    • Pull Request on grasping, grasp generation and tutorial.
    • Fixes to MoveIt Grasp Package
    • Detect Object button in Rviz being examined for possible fixes; it currently does nothing.
  • Andy McEvoy update:
    • Mentoring student Mohamed.
    • Working on new features for the Setup Assistant that work with Gazebo and add improved visualization
    • ROS Control Integration in progress.
    • Grasping screen, not much progress.
  • Mark Moll update:
    • Working on improving CHOMP and STOMP
    • CHOMP’s original implementation is very brittle.
    • MoveiIt! Website now has tutorials on how to setup those planners.
    • CHOMP Author claims that planner has lots of downsides, especially when dealing with obstacles.
    • STOMP optimization framework is very promising, needs repository maintainers to be more responsive.
    • Collision refactoring issue is being addressed, a PR has been created.
    • More participation from industrial_move maintainers, add new admins to keep development from stagnating.

4 – New OMPL interfaces

  • OMPL planner plugin refactoring allows new and existing planner implementation to load their own configuration, allows selecting planner types (joint planner, Cartesian planner) and reuse of configuration spaces.
  • Big internal API change, for external user it should look the same; behavior effectively remains unchanged.
  • Perhaps integrate into melodic?
  • Pull Request is being broken down into smaller PRs.
  • State Space discontinuity has been a long standing issue.

5 – Intel

  • Matthew K Hansen and Sharron Liu
  • Focus in enabling ROS 2.0 for industrial applications. Looking into enabling MoveIt in ROS 2.0
  • ROS2 Grasp Library Presentation:
    • MoveIt Plugin
    • Prototyped GQCNN (originally trained with Tensorflow) grasp method with Interl OpenVINO, 93% success rate was achieved. Original implementation has UCB license (not-for-profit) so it cannot be used for commercial purposes.
    • Grasp Library Proposal, trained with caffe and RGBD image data.
    • Alternatives to TensorFlow or Caffe Can is OpenVINO which provides hardware acceleration benefits.
    • Goal is to create a ROS 2.0 Grasp Library with the option to enable OpenVIN. A demo with the UR5 robot that works with MoveIt! will be created and documented

6 – World MoveIt! Day

  • Planned for October 25th
  • Lessons learned document from last year is available.
  • Not very well advertised. Official announcement soon to come.

7 – Monthly Meetings

  • Will start scheduling monthly meetings.

As a follow-up to the “ROS2 Grasp Library” mentioned in the meeting recap, please let me share the progress:

  • The initial version of ROS2 Grasp Library was released (ROS2 Release on discourse here), enabled with OpenVINO Grasp Pose Detection and MoveIt. Verification with MoveIt 2.0+ is working in progress.
  • A demo application @UR5 is enabled with MoveIt, demo video available on Youtube here
  • Tutorial is also available guiding the development workflow. First evaluate the existing application with simulation tools (Rviz, robot fake controller, rosbag recorded point cloud), then apply customization for user hardware and working platform



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Maybe it’s a good idea to create a space for MoveIt to hold the advanced industrial robot applications developed on MoveIt? I have initialized a discussion for this in MoveIt Issue 1432

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I love moveIt! #moveit #MTC #GSoC2020