MoveIt Manipulation WG Meeting - June 23rd

The next Manipulation WG Meeting / MoveIt Maintainer Meeting will be 2022-06-23T15:00:00Z.


  • Old Business
  • MoveIt 2 Development update
  • WMD22 Recap
  • Introduction of GSoC Students and projects

Please request any agenda topics you would like included.


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23 June, 2022 MoveIt Maintainer Meeting


  • Old Business
    • MSA development and review
  • MoveIt 2 Development update
  • WMD22 Recap
  • Introduction of GSoC Students and projects


GSOC Student Intros

  • Peter David: working on Python bindings for MoveIt.Cpp.

MSA Update (David)

  • Needs reviews to finalize a bunch of in-progress work. Would be nice to just merge the feature branch so we can stop re-staging it.
  • Henning: Just needs review from a maintainer to approve the feature branch. If there’s a maintainer who can run the launch files added here, please review and approve!
  • Michael Ferguson: Tested this, so I approved it.
  • Henning: Broader topic for discussion: what is our officially-recommended approach for simulation?
    • Andy: Rviz with fake controllers works out-of-the-box and is probably good enough for most users.
    • Henning: Physical simulation is also useful.

World MoveIt Day 2022 Recap (Henning)

  • Attendance was pretty low compared to last year. Have some theories about why:
    • Hackathon format this year, vs. conference format from last year.
    • Communications could have been better
  • Did add new PRs and a variety of new features, which is a good outcome.
  • Any thoughts from others?
    • Andy: Spatial chat could have worked better.
    • Vatan: Is there another example of a worldwide hackathon that’s effective?
    • Michael Ferguson: WMD worked better in-person. Had good attendance at multiple sites worldwide with video conference tunnels between them. Champion organizer at each site helps everyone work effectively. In particular it’s good to help orient people who don’t have a lot of context for what’s going on and who everyone else is.
    • Michael Ferguson: Planning an in-person event requires a committed date a lot further in advance.
    • Marq: Have people report on what they accomplished. Split across multiple days: kickoff, work, then finish.

GSOC Update

  • Multi-trajectory execution update (via Simon): working on enabling asynchronous execution of trajectories using multiple arms without collision. Fixing some MoveIt 1 bugs so multiple arm motion work at all.
  • Python bindings (Peter): One specific current issue is passing a shared_ptr to a Node, which has some problems within the Python binding library. Have a workaround, but so far we need to use rclcpp to create the node separately, which has some undesirable consequences for rclpy users.
    • Henning: One note from discussions – MoveIt doesn’t really have a consistent API. We can improve this. A MoveIt Python interface would motivate improvements in the C++ interface.
    • Mark: Tempting to create Python bindings for everything, but this isn’t always the right choice. We can help users avoid the trap of doing low-level stuff through Python in a computationally-expensive way. Python bindings are also a maintenance cost once they’re added.


Andy Zelenak
Behnood Farshbaf
Cassidy Elliott
Chris Thrasher
Cory Crean
David Lu!!
Henning KAyser
Jafar Abdi
Joe Schornak
Marq Rasmussen
Michael Ferguson
Michael Wrock
Nathan Brooks
Paul Gesel
Peter David Fagan
Sebastian Jahr
Simon Schmeisser
Tiffany Cappellari
Vatan Aksoy Tezer
Wyatt Rees

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