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Moveit tutorial for Araic 3

Can we expect a Moveit tutorial and support files soon for the UR10 arms? Tried following 2018 UR10 but clearly there are changes in Melodic that cause problems. Not much luck with generic Moveit tutorials, either.

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I can’t speak for ariac organizer, but assuming updating tutorial is either WIP or hasn’t started yet, reporting specific issues might better help them. It also helps the general community e.g. MoveIt! and/or UR10 users/maintainers, who could also give some hands (e.g. tutorial is probably wiki etc. that accepts contribution (is it right?) so that they (or even you) may provide a fix).

Valid points and suggestion. The package for Ariac3 was just released on Friday. Up until then I’d been working with the source code, reporting a couple issues when I found them.

A key part is getting a Moveit configuration for the UR10. In 2017 and early 2018 such they were available for the competition. They won’t work with ROS or Moveit Melodic versions. There isn’t a configuration for 2019, as of yet. Attempts to create one from the UR10 definition files result in an error from the Setup Assistant that they are invalid files. I seem to recall that one of the earlier years they hand-edited an existing configuration rather than using the Assistant.

My conclusion is creating a configuration is non-trivial task that I’d rather not undertake. If I did, it would take time from other aspects of the competition that I need to address. Since arm control is a key component of Ariac and the most complicated aspect it surely should be a high priority for them to provide competitors with the necessary tutorial, or at least files.

More specifically, depending on the time frame of the tutorial or files I will can better plan my development activities. Bluntly, I didn’t compete last year because I couldn’t get the arm to work properly. I know I need a lot of work on it. If the ability to use Moveit will be awhile I either need to look at alternatives, or possibly not even bother since I won’t have enough to understand the arm control.


There’s now a MoveIt tutorial for ARIAC 2019