Nav2, ROS 2, Navigation: User Requested Capabilities and Actions Survey

Hi all, Your Friendly Neighborhood Navigator here!

Just before ROSCon, I wanted to announce a new user survey to give folks the opportunity to express their desires for new capabilities, fixes, or features to be added to ROS’ mobile robotics ecosystem in order to make it better, faster, stronger for your real-world applications!

See the link above and I’d be very appreciative to hear your thoughts on Nav2, ROS 2 versions, and such to make sure I’m best supporting the user community and understanding how they’re leveraging Nav2 in their work! I’ll use the results of this survey in conjunction with my instinct and project sponsors’ needs to design a roadmap for 2024 and beyond!

I’ll even sweeten the pie: responders that fill in the survey before or at ROSCon, I’ll put you in raffle to give away a Nav2 water bottle and sticker pack which I will present to you at ROSCon!

Happy surveying and happy rosconing! See you in NOLA,



I’ll leave this open until the end of this week, please get your input in! I’ll follow up here with a summary!

The results are in! I wrote them up in the latest edition of the Open Navigation blog!


Thanks for publishing the results! This information is important enough I think it might warrant its own post.

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