The New Home of ROS Navigation: ros-navigation

Hidy ho! Its your Friendly Neighborhood Navigator here!

I just wanted to give a quick update after the recent changes in project hosting and organization. Nav2 has finally landed in its final resting place where we will continue to develop and maintain it for the long-term future: ROS Navigation · GitHub!

Its important to Open Navigation that Nav2, its related projects, and future developments in the ROS Mobile Robotics community continues to be fully community-driven, community owned, and permissively licensed. Thus, we do not want to self-host Nav2 on Open Navigation’s GitHub page (open-navigation · GitHub) which gives the incorrect impression that Nav2 is solely an Open Navigation company project. We view this project as belonging to the ROS community writ large and want to ensure that we’re protecting its long-term viability & involvement from community and industry partners to drive its success.

We will be developing some guidance on governance of the organization in the coming weeks (have thoughts? provide them Goverance for org · Issue #4327 · ros-navigation/navigation2 · GitHub) to make sure that those that need or deserve elevated privileges can obtain them. We continue to want to recruit, cultivate, and work alongside other developers, committers, and maintainers for the betterment of the industry that relies on this project for their success. If you feel that you should have access to this organization and have not received an invitation already, please reach out. We have added currently active regular developers, existing maintainers, and a few other key historical folks with a stake.

Hopefully, this should put a final end to the saga of the last couple of weeks and we can all get back to business!

An observant person will note that the repository, formerly, as well as the fancy-neato new repositories are still in open-navigation. This is a temporary state while we work to migrate for the second time the website. Unfortunately, it takes a little while to move website verifications, DNS records, and testing that things are still working. I apologize for any service disruptions on this that you might run into wrt documentation during this intermediary one-off transition. While slow, you can use this website from our latest CI job if the main URL is down.

Thanks as always for your support and engagement in Nav2! If you have any questions, please feel free to address them below. If you want to help out on the Nav2 project or Sponsor the project to help Nav2’s sustainability, please reach out to us at! We {want, need, encourage} community involvement and rely on those using ROS & Nav2 to help keep the project happy, healthy, and progressing forward! We can’t do any of this without all of you!

Happy Navigating (the best outro),

Steve Macenski,
Open Navigation


Documentation repositories transfer complete. I expect some DNS issues once the records propagate but I should be able to make quick work out of any issues over the weekend!

FYI: found this post after repairing some dead links to the old site. Took me a bit to figure out though. Is it possible for someone to set up a redirect to help people find the new site?

There are discussions on it, but GitHub pages apparently makes this difficult so we don’t have a solution at the moment. Please refer to for all your future Nav2-documentation needs :slight_smile: We apologize for the inconvenience.